LINGUA-MEDIA is a research network of AILA, the International Association of Applied Linguistics. In LINGUA-MEDIA, we aim to reflect on and promote research on language in the media across the boundaries of disciplines and cultures.

LINGUA-MEDIA researchers meet on a regular basis at AILA conferences and its associated organizations. We organize research strands, conference panels, and workshops at national and international conferences, as well as foster members’ joint research and publications on language and the media.

At international and national levels, we engage in inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration, e.g. with the International Communications Association ICA, to contribute to identifying and solving language- and media-related societal problems. At a national level, we support collaboration among our members in Special Interest Groups of AILA national affiliates, such as VALS-ASLA in Switzerland.

LINGUA-MEDIA members, projects, events, and related networks are documented on its website

Latest news

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