VALS-ASLA Conference 2024

VALS-ASLA Conference 2024

Asymmetries and Inequalities in Language

The VALS-ASLA Conference 2024 will be held at the University of Bern on 12-13 February 2024.

VALS-ASLA, the Swiss Association for Applied Linguistics, is a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information in the field of Applied Linguistics, an interdisciplinary field of linguistics in which language-related challenges and real-life problems are examined and results are applied in both practice and theory development.

The theme of the 2024 conference in Bern is Asymmetries and Inequalities in Language. With this theme, we seek to highlight the ways in which language and language issues reflect and reproduce social divisions, but also how linguistic analyses can help to uncover and sometimes even redress inequalities in society. We aim to showcase research on language and social issues from a wide range of theoretical, methodological and geopolitical perspectives, and to encourage discussions on the role that asymmetries and inequalities play in our research.

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