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Research Networks

VALS-ASLA Research Networks aim to facilitate the exchange and the cooperation between individual VALS-ASLA members who are interested in related problems, certain methods or similar phenomena. VALS-ASLA Research Networks exist for a period of three years. This period may be extended for another three years if the Board evaluates the networks positively.

The VALS-ASLA Reserach Networks listed below came into being in the beginning of 2019 and all VALS-ASLA members are invited to join the networks' activities.


Communication and Digitalisation

The research network seeks to connect scholars from a range of disciplines together with communications practitioners. The aim is to expand methodologies and develop expertise in the field of digital communications.

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Communication among healthcare professionals

The network deals with linguistic and communicative aspects of intra- and interprofessional communication in healthcare. It focuses on aspects such as digitalization, communicative demands associated with current and emerging job profiles, multilingualism, and inter- and transdisciplinary expert-to-expert communication.

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Language and Body in Social Interaction

The research network Language and Body in Social Interaction ( La_Bô_SIn ) brings together researchers in linguistics and related disciplines such as sociology and psychology whose work focuses on the use of verbal and embodied resources in social interaction.
Its aim is to foster fundamental, comparative and applied perspectives on a set of specific interactional practices across a range of languages, activities and settings.

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