mitglied Membership

VALS-ASLA has individual and collective members.  

Individual Membership

Anyone who is scientifically active in the field of Applied Linguistics or interested in applied linguistic findings and their implementation into practice can be admitted as an individual member.  The annual membership fee for individual members is CHF 80. Please use the following form to apply for an individual membership. 



Your benefits as a VALS-ASLA member: 

  • You will be informed via our monthly newsletter about interesting conferences and congresses as well as current job vacancies and projects in the field of Applied Linguistics.
  • You have the possibility to make announcements to and share information with all members via our newsletter.
  • You are entitled to request grants for travel expenses from VALS-ASLA as well as financial support for scientific events.
  • You will receive our journal, the “Bulletin suisse de linguistique appliquée”, containing articles in German, French, Italian and English free of charge every six months. 
  • You have the possibility to write articles for the Bulletin or to be the editor of a special issue. 
  • You have electronic access to AILA Review, the journal of the International Association for Applied Linguistics. 
  • You can strengthen and expand your network in applied linguistics in Switzerland.

Collective Membership

Schools, universities, institutions, authorities and associations interested in questions regarding the field of Applied Linguistics can become collective members. The annual membership fee for collective members is at least CHF 250. Please use the following form to apply for a collective membership.



Institutions and associations that intend to support the aims of VALS-ASLA both ideationally and financially can become collective members. 

  • Only legal entities such as institutions and associations are admitted as collective members. Individuals cannot become collective members.
  • Each collective member designates a contact person who receives correspondence addressed to all members of their organisation in one copy. The contact person disseminates the information received from VALS-ASLA within their organisation.
  • Individuals belonging to organisations registered as collective members are not regarded as separate members of VALS-ASLA and are therefore not entitled to vote during the General Assembly. Furthermore, they are not entitled to receive discounts for events organised by either VALS-ASLA, any of their international affiliates or by AILA. However, contact persons as well as other individuals belonging to an organisation registered as a collective member can also apply for individual membership if desired.